Here's the goldfish that you won!

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You need to feed your goldfish in order to get him to grow. To feed your goldfish, just click on the water with your mouse. A bit of goldfish food will appear where you clicked. Your goldfish will head for the food and eat it. If you don't feed him, he will shrink.

Try to get your goldfish to do tricks by leading him with bits of food.

Can you get your goldfish to swim backwards or shake his head as if saying "no"?

What happens when you click many times in one spot?

To visit your goldfish again you can mark this page with your browser (look up "Bookmarks" or "Favorites" using your browser's help feature).

If you wish to keep a copy of this program on your local drive, you may. You need to copy the following two files to the same directory on your local drive:



Copy both files to your local drive using your browser's method for saving a file when given a link to that file (for example, right click on the link using Internet Explorer and select "Save Target As...", or right click on the link using Netscape Navigator and select "Save Link As...").

Open the local petfish.htm file with your browser to visit your goldfish.

The permission to make copies only applies to these two files and, unless otherwise specified, all other programs on this site may not be copied. This goldfish program is for private use only, and may not be used for any other purpose (such as using it on your own website). This goldfish program is copyright © 2000 by Microprizes, all rights reserved.

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